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Gleim vs Wiley

Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) is a significant certification to enter the field of auditing and excel your career in it. In recent years, auditing has gained immense importance in order to manifest organisations’ authenticity and integrity and have realised the noteworthiness of internal auditing.

Today, I present to you an incredible overview and comparison of CIA’s biggest publishers Gleim and Wiley. By reading this thoroughly, you will be able to comprehend the importance of both the publishers and their tools and techniques to cater to CIA’s preparation. I urge you that I have kept my comparison as fair and honest as the way I analysed and understood what publisher is best for acing the CIA certification. I have cut through all the relevant and necessary information and have also observed and interviewed the market and CIA candidates in order to present my comparison as fairly as possible. There are countless options for you to study the course from and I have gathered the authentic information for two of the biggest publishers. I hope this helps you immensely in your selection.

What is the CIA Certification?

Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) is a certification awarded to the personnel who excel in the field of internal auditing. The certification is accepted worldwide and is seen as a hallmark to hire the best internal auditors in the market. The CIA certification demonstrates your skills and competencies to effectively carry out the duties as an internal audit all over the world.

The Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) certification focuses on supporting, promoting and training the professionals working as internal auditors. It holds great value in elevating your potential, enhancing your expertise and kick-starting your career in the field of Accounting.

Comparison Chart of Gleim and Wiley


Access To The Course Until You Pass Access is included until you pass Access is only included for 12 months
Video Lectures More than 40 video lectures are available No video lectures are available
Books Books are both physically and online available Books are physically provided
Test Bank More than 3,000 questions are included More than 5,000 questions are included
Personal Counsellor Offers a personal counsellor Does not offer a personal counsellor
Pricing Price is a bit higher than others Most affordable CIA review course in the industry
Flashcards Not included Included but known as focus notes which includes more information on each card than a flashcard

Gleim vs Wiley in terms of:

Video Lectures

The Gleim CIA course includes video lectures that are led by industry professionals. These video lectures have all the important information and perfectly covers the core concepts and multiple choice questions to let you ace the CIA exam.

On the other hand, Wiley does not offer video lectures which can prove to be crucial to the success of the candidates as video lectures can be easily understood as compared to solving just practice books. The preparation will then depend on yourself and you will have to understand the concepts yourself.

Expert Assistance

The Gleim premium CIA course comes with experts’ assistance and counselling who are there to help you regarding all the queries, concepts and information you want. If you do not understand anything then the experts are always there for you and these industry professionals ensure that they help you through all the problems you are having.

Moreover, the Gleim premium CIA course also provides you with personal counsellors who are offered to each and every individual to plan how you will study and formulate strategies for an effective and helpful study schedule. They also make recommendations to you regarding how you should work to extract the best outcome for you.

In contrast to this, Wiley does not offer any expert guidance and a team dedicated to help you out in every matter. They also do not offer you personal counsellors and that means that you have to work on your own, make your study schedule yourself and strategize on how to study and pass the exam.


Gleim does not provide flashcards with any of its courses. They explain it by saying that the candidates should prepare their own flashcards to retain their memory and perform better in the exam.

However, Wiley offers focus notes which are like flashcards but include more information and details of the concepts which can prove to be beneficial for you in order to comprehend the concepts and create linkages.

Gleim Course Discounts vs Wiley Course Discounts

Gleim offers discounts on CIA review course and they appear at their website but it does not provide discounts on individual parts of the course. The review course is a little pricey too as compared to other publishers in the industry.

However, Wiley offers discounts on its CIA review course and also provides frequent discounts on individual parts of the exam. In terms of financial aspects and savings, Wiley wins and is more convenient but low price is justified due to the less services it offers than Gleim.

Who Wins? My Recommendation

With all the analysis and information provided above, you must have grasped which publisher won and should be chosen for your CIA preparation. Gleim CIA premium review course is a stronger choice than Wiley or other publishers in the market. It provides more services and thus more value for your money. It is the most widely used course for CIA and has a better pass rate than other publishers. Make an informed decision and choose Gleim for your CIA certification preparation. I 100% recommend it, although it has its own drawbacks but definitely the best choice when it comes to CIA certification preparation.

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