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Hock CIA Review

Why Hock CIA?

  •  CIA Review Complete: includes 40+ hours of in-depth video lectures, textbooks, practice questions, teacher support, mobile app, You Pass or We Pay Guarantee, and mock (practice) exams
  • CIA Review Standard: textbooks, test bank, mobile app, teacher support, and practice exams
  • CIA Questions & Mocks: test bank of multiple-choice questions, mock exams, and mobile app

Comprehensive Materials

HOCK provides complete and comprehensive CIA study materials so that you can pass the exam on your first attempt.

"You Pass Or We Pay"

HOCK offers the only CIA Exam Prep that will pay for you take the exam again - if you need to - with our exclusive Guarantee.

Study Anytime, Anywhere

Use your computer, tablet, and phone to study for as long as you need to pass the exams, with free updates and support included.

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