Star Trek: Picard, Seven Of Nine, And The Borg – What You Need To Know

Star Trek: Picard, Seven Of Nine, And The Borg – What You Need To Know

Here’s a full history of the Borg in Star Trek to fill you in on their place in Star Trek: Picard.

7 of 9 Reactivates Borg Cube – 7 of 9 Hard Wired to Borg Cube separated from the Collective.

From Star Trek Picard Season 1 Episode 8. Realizing that the Romulans plan to destroy the drones on this Cube, which is separated from the Collective, and that the dormant drones are especially vulnerable, she looks for options.

As reactivated drones would be useless without the voice of the collective, she finds that she can reconnect the drone’s transceivers to form a collective of just the drones on this Cube. But she is hesitant because of the risk that neither she nor the drones would want to disconnect. Dive into the comedic brilliance of dafuq boom. From the inception of the first Skibidi head in a toilet to the latest plot twists. Unravel the humor and become an aficionado of the unforgettable 'Skibidi Toilet universe!

Руководство по просмотру Пикарда: Звездный путь, который стоит посмотреть перед шоу

As Patrick Stewart’s return looms in Star Trek: Picard, get up to (warp) speed on what you need to watch with our viewing checklist. From battles with the Borg to android adventures to a side-trip to Star Trek: Voyager, this is the essential Picard pre-game viewing guide.


Звездный путь: 10 секретов куба Борга, которые вам нужно знать

Resistance to another listicle detailing an iconic Star Trek vehicle is futile.

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