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Wiley Pros & Cons

Taking practice tests is a crucial part of preparing for the CIA exam. The Wiley CIA Test Bank gives students that opportunity. The Test Bank for all three parts of the exam includes more than 5,000 questions and answers. It also includes the option of creating unlimited, customized practice tests, and performance analytics to track your progress and performance. The software simulates the actual Pearson VUE test experience to help prepare students for what to expect on the day of their exam.

Wiley’s CIA textbooks are updated annually. The complete course includes a set of 3 textbooks, one for each part of the CIA exam. The three books work together to help reinforce topics and help you master the concepts and principles, however, they can be purchased individually or as a set. Each book is filled with diagrams, tables, charts and memory devices to help you remember the material. You also have access to multiple choice questions and their solutions.


This supplemental reference set outlines the most important study material covered on the exam in condensed form. Wiley Focus Notes come in a spiral bound flip guide and focus on key concepts to help you make the most of your study time. You’ll complete drills on financial calculations, spreadsheet and research skills. Each section teaches you new strategies for how to prepare for your exam quickly and efficiently and provides additional reference material for your weaker areas.

Nothing beats a mobile app for studying on the go. Wiley has created apps for both the iOS and Android devices with the intention of providing convenient study resources. However, students who have tried to use these apps tell a different story. Expect issues connecting to your desktop study materials and limited access to their entire library.


Wiley CIA Exam Review is strictly an online course without any live or video components. Students will have to cover the material in the textbooks and complete the practice questions on their own and rely on the answers that are provided to clarify any problems or questions they might have.


Although Wiley makes an effort to keep their textbooks up-to-date, they’re still very difficult to get through. Many students have remarked that the overly dry and technical material contained in these books made it difficult to stay motivated and retain the info. If you prefer to learn with the aid of a well-made textbook, look elsewhere.


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